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Creative Director 

DGN Games is looking for a Creative Director to join its headquarters in Israel. At DGN we create exciting and meaningful experiences with millions of players around the world. Our innovation is fueled by teams of experts and an environment that feeds the creative imagination of each person across each one of our offices.  


  • Establishing and executing the company’s creative vision of both existing and new games.
  • Leadership and creative direction within product features, game design teams, and marketing.
  • Providing high-level feedback and creative direction as well as undertaking part of the design work.
  • Driving continuous creative innovation in order to achieve industry first results.
  • Working closely with internal and external teams as a central touchpoint and go-to persona.
  • Ensuring clarity on what needs to be executed and facilitating timely delivery of project outputs.
  • Working with Product and Game Design in order to break down complex problems into clear visual solution paths. 


  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a Creative Director with art directing and leadership background.
  • 7+ years of experience within the fields of game design, technology, product, and art.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the social and mobile gaming landscape and an understanding of F2P games.
  • Experience in direct management
  • Experience and knowledge in narrative design, building storylines and themes within products.
  • Exceptionally strong communication skills to clearly articulate requirements and timelines.
  • The ability to embrace constructive feedback and criticism, and experience in delivering it well to others.
  • An ability to motivate teams and lead by example.
  • A burning desire to achieve a level of results that most people aren’t able to achieve.
  • A clear sense of urgency and an understanding of how to take decisions with limited information, while maintaining quality and hitting targets.

Extra Points for Having:

  • Experience and direct personal involvement in creating and launching new products.
  • University level degree is preferable but not essential

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