Player Support

Technical Artist


  • Use game templates for fast game conversion;
  • Creation/Conversion of graphic art, animations, and UI elements into Unity environment;
  • Work closely with artists and developers to prototype and develop new features;
  • Contributing to process improvements to increase productivity.


  • 2+ years of experience as a Technical Artist;
  • 2+ years of experience in Unity;
  • Scripting Tools and Shaders
  • Knowledge of the principles of classical animation;
  • Animation knowledge in Unity;
  • Ability to create visual effects using a particle system;
  • Understanding of rendering pipeline in Unity;
  • Conversion of art assets through production of a game, testing and hand off;
  • Knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects;
  • Modelling skills in Blender 3d (creating, editing, UV mapping and texturing low poly models);
  • Knowledge of version control systems (Git);
  • Strong problem-solving and communication skills;
  • Pre-Intermediate+ English level.

Want to become a Technical Artist?